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    Glosculptor released a new brain-teaser called PowerLines and invites you to give it a try.

    In PowerLines, the player is on a mission to restore electricity in the city. All power lines became tangled and messy after the hurricane, causing a power outage in all houses. The goal of the player is to untangle tangled lines. In completing hundreds of levels, gamers will test their logical thinking and get a dose of adrenaline because they will have to get the job done in a limited time.

    When you start the game, you see tangled power lines, with each level this confusion is becoming more difficult. To restore electricity, the player untangles tangled lines by moving the houses around the screen. Occasionally, you will come across obstacles that hinder you from getting your job done. To remove them, the player is given a limited number of bulldozers, so you need to think twice before you use them.

    PowerLines ver. 1.1 is available for free from the Android Marketplace:


    Game trailer:

    03-03-2012 08:28 AM