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    You are welcome to discover the new civilization on the mystical planet “VAMFIM”. The first astronauts are on their way to reach the faraway planet on the latest spaceship specially designed for long journeys filled with unpredictable challenges through the space. The mysterious black holes must be overcome. Maneuver the spaceship through the strong gravity fields and find the way to the new planet in search of the unknown.

    The game “VAMFIM” is a 2D simulation of space travel. The gravity rule is used to achieve maximum similarity to real space flights of modern spaceships. The spacecraft must be launched in correct direction and with the right speed so that it reaches the planet “VAMFIM” without falling into a black hole. Once fallen, the ship is lost. The missions are becoming more and more challenging as the number of black holes becomes bigger.

    Enjoy the first game where you can launch the spaceship of the future just with a single tap of your finger. Be a part of the big challenge!

    The future of spaceflights is uncertain today. We are sure that long term investment in science should never be canceled.


    Questions about the game? Email the game creator at vamfimcreator@gmail.com

    Twitter: @vamfimcreator
    03-06-2012 09:17 PM