1. mommyramo's Avatar
    Please check our new puzzle game for toddlers on android market.

    The lite version is Adds Free and has 10 puzzles to try before buying the full version.


    The full version has now 37 colorful puzzles with sounds. From animals, letters, numbers, toys, musical instruments, transportation,seasons, dinosaurs, farm, ocean, Easter there is a great variety of colorful puzzles to choose from.

    Why Kids' Puzzle ?

    Easy to use even a toddler can do it! After a brief tutorial with the kid, he can manage alone to play it,without further interruptions.
    The graphics are colorful, fun and kids friendly
    Has great sound effects and cheerful applause when the puzzle is completed
    It is a great way to identify and learn objects, practice words, numbers, letters, shapes and colors
    It helps with shapes recognition and fine motor, visual and spatial skills development.
    Some puzzles don't reveal themselves immediately from the beginning, but rather incrementally as more pieces are placed.This gives the child the impression that they are building the scene as they go along, which adds to the enjoyment.
    The kids can choose which puzzle to play at any time and they can play it over and over again
    After the puzzle is complete, kids can still hear the sounds as many times as they want just by tapping on objects.
    Its a wonderful way to keep the child occupied during long rides with the car, in a restaurant or in a boring office waiting room.
    New puzzles will be added with app updates, so the app never gets boring

    If you want to see KidsPuzzle in action, just watch the video we have provided at:

    We have tested it on several toddlers and we have taken their opinions very serious when we developed the game.
    03-07-2012 05:56 AM
  2. supermommy123's Avatar
    Really like the new series of android puzzle games for kids.
    But do you have a series of mathematical puzzle as well??
    04-07-2012 03:29 AM
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    but I've developed a serie of jigsaw puzzles which are very nice illustrated and the puzzle pieces do not ovelap;I've tried these on my kids and they like them very much. I have a boy 5 years old and a girl 4 years old. If you are interested take a look on the market at:
    The lite version:

    The paid versions:



    Please let me know what do you think.
    06-04-2012 08:42 AM