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    I have had this idea for quite some time now, and seeing I have 0 knowledge when it comes to mobile app development, I decided to give it away.

    I DO NOT want any amount of money from anyone, I am just giving you the idea so that I can play it (because as I imagine it, it should be kickass).

    First off, I want to make some points clear:
    - There are no games on the market that utilize the same idea that I am about give.
    - The developer should have a solid background of good graphical games before taking this request.
    - The game should be given the graphics it deserves ( I am not asking for a game with graphics like Asphalt 6, just with good graphics.)
    - Numerous levels and a Survival Mode with varying difficulties are necessary.
    - I don't want the game to be exclusive to me [of course], you can go ahead and put it on the Play Store, and even implement it on iOS and WP.

    Sneak Peak of the IDEA:

    - The idea uses the accelerometer in a way that hasn't been (fully) used before.
    - No on-screen controls
    - Accelerometer will be almost abused
    - 2 or 3 axes gameplay ( initial idea covers 2, plus 3rd axe easily addable)
    - There have been "similar" good games that use the accelerometer (like Speedx 3D), and I believe [with the correct development] this game can achieve the same level of awesomeness.

    (I said "similar", because even though it's the same "big picture", the movements would be quite different, which result in different user experience)

    Important notices:
    - I am not saying this game will be revolutionary, unique(maybe?), game changing, or that it will sell/be downloaded more than Angry Birds, but it's a good idea.
    - If it wasn't given the graphics it deserves, it will be just "another game in the market"
    - The idea is of course an important part of the Game creation process, but is nonetheless a small part, and the one that demands the least amount of work. The developers will have to do most of the work.

    How to get your hands on the idea:
    - In order not to have it open for the public eye, and lose it's appeal and exclusiveness for developers, I will only send out the game upon request.
    - Only 3 requests at a time will be permitted. (to insure exclusiveness for the developers)
    - With the requests, you should send your Company name*
    - Upon receiving the request, I will verify that the developer has made at least one quality game (from graphics and smoothness' PoV). The number of downloads does not matter.
    - If the developer had indeed quality games, the idea + game implementation will be sent.
    - Upon receiving the idea, the developer can decide to keep it, and work of it, or desert it.
    - If he deserts it, the request will be sent to another person who's on the waiting list.

    *: State your companies' name along with the games you think would give off a good impression.
    If not found in your account, proof might be needed to connect you with your company (to prevent identity theft) [usually a post in the beta or games section of your game/companies' name would suffice]

    Am I a source you can "trust":
    - I don't know why that'd matter, but I have been giving feedback/ new ideas to big companies for the past 2 years.
    - I occasionally get positive replies.
    - I [think I] have caused a couple of changes in Google +
    - I am ready to support you during the development process, regarding ideas you might need, or further implementations.

    I will give out the idea, plus two potential implementations of the game (how it would work and what it should look like, you are free to follow them or do as you wish).

    Waiting for your requests.

    03-10-2012 01:40 PM