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    Any fans of backgammon in the house? I came looking specifically for backgammon games which have online. So far I know only one such game for Android which is Masters of Backgammon. Please post if you have any others that have GOOD ONLINE SUPPORT.

    I already searched from store, but didn't find anything really good. This one is great, but I'm looking for something with more players that play Old English styles of backgammon. These mostly play narda and classic backgammon.
    03-10-2012 02:58 PM
  2. boardgamesforevah's Avatar
    BPS Software has a really great Backgammon Live App for Android.

    You never need to wait long for a game. You can play for free or also earn real cash (just for being awesome at Backgammon. Seriously.)

    Lots of players always available and you can play or watch other live games. You can also chat and be social with other backgammon players which is nice- just ask them about their day or talk about gaming strategies. Always nice.

    Check it out!! and download it on the app store

    BPS Software, Inc.
    06-27-2014 09:01 PM