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    Take your stand against the alien horde in the deep space by the first powerful galactic space ship of the human civilization called Cyclon. Cut through hundreds of other enemy life forms and collect special weapons and power-ups, upgrade your ship and save your homeworld and the entire human race.

    The next stable 1.1 version of Cyclon is published on Google Play

    SlideMe and Amazone App Store free!

    v1.1 features:
    * new game logic to prepare the path for multiplayer
    * first Boss of galaxy one (level 1 to 5)
    * blinking shield notification before terminated
    * enemy power, life and injury explosion effect and score calculation
    * accelerometer calibration upgrade for faster and precision calibration (deviation analysis)
    * fix: accelerometer calibration after menu reset bug
    * fix: score table listview in small screen size bug
    * fix: ads issue

    Planned features:
    * bosses
    * more levels and stages
    * more upgrades
    * score syncronization over internet
    * multyplayer via wifi or bluetooth

    For screenshots and more information please visit Cyclongame.com !

    03-11-2012 07:09 AM
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    What's new in v1.2

    * level selector menu
    * new reward: Time delay hyperspace engine
    * enemy power progress bar
    * code: improve player reward handling
    * code: add time handler to enemied and fires to handle the time delay reward
    04-06-2012 03:15 PM