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    Hi, I'd like to present my second go at a kids game! As a new private developer I'd really appreciate any feedback, here or through the email on the market page.

    A great game for kids learning their alphabet, or for others to test their reflexes! The game is simple, just touch the letters in order from A-Z, as fast as you can! The more letters you start with on the screen, the harder it is.

    Try the demo version, then get the full version to unlock four difficulty levels with individual high scores, and the ability to change the font and the backgrounds!

    For those learning their alphabet, the letters are spoken as they are touched to help reinforce the name with the shape.

    NOTE : The demo version is ad free but has a link to the market to get the full version. If this is a concern for your children, please consider supporting me and getting the full version which has...

    * No ads
    * No in app purchases
    * No links outside the game to take your child where you do not want them to go!
    * No Violence



    03-13-2012 02:04 AM