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    Just giving everyone a quick update on Jellyflop... The newly updated beta is coming out soon, so if you haven't tried it yet, you should. All of the info for compatibility and to download the actual game is HERE.

    You can also check out the facebook page for the intro animation to the game (coming very soon!), as well as other updates. Oh, and if you have any feedback, criticisms, etc. you can leave them on Jelly's wall: http://facebook.com/jellyflop

    We would love to hear what the true Android game fans think. That's you! duh! And, Jelly has some thick skin, so don't be afraid to voice your true opinion.

    Thanks, guys!
    03-13-2012 11:22 AM
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    Here is the intro to the game!... Let us know what you think!

    03-13-2012 05:29 PM
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    We are happy to announce that the new beta is up and ready for download. Get it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...re.bounce_full

    You will notice some simplified game mechanics, as well as some new animations, physics, etc. Try it out, and let us know what you think! One thing to note: if you already completed the previous beta's levels, they will all be unlocked in this one. They are brand new this time around, but your device may think they are the old ones and unlock them all for you. This should just make the game easier for ya

    Here is the new splash graphic from both the Google play marketplace and the Jellyflop facebook page. A little more of a hint behind the story of the little guy...
    03-23-2012 02:52 PM
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    We would love to hear some opinions on a couple specific things before moving our game towards the final stages. Specifically: what is your thoughts on the intro video? Do you think you know the premise of the story/game after watching it?

    And more importantly: how do you feel about the line-drawing mechanic? Is it responsive enough? Does double-tapping to delete seem natural? Any other specific ideas or suggestions?

    Get the newest version of the game here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...re.bounce_full

    Thanks a ton in advance, everyone!
    04-02-2012 12:58 PM
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    The latest update to the Jellyflop beta is live right now! One more chance to play Jellyflop for free and provide feedback before the final build comes out soon. Thanks to everyone who has played and given us their thoughts thus far—you have made the game what it is today!

    Get it here: http://tinyurl.com/jellyflopbeta3
    Sound off here: http://facebook.com/jellyflop
    05-14-2012 10:07 AM
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    Our last Beta is live, and it's a big deal because the game now uses Haptic vibration feedback. If you play it, let us know if you love or hate Haptics in your review.

    Get Jellyflop here --> https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...nce_full&hl=en

    Thanks so much for all of the feedback that has gotten us to this point! We are looking forward to releasing the full game soon!
    06-28-2012 09:47 AM
  7. jean15paul's Avatar
    Intro video was very cute and professionally animated. I assume from the video that the jelly is going to collect feather and try to fly (or something like that). I looked at the screenshots at the play store and it seems more like a physics-based bouncing around puzzle. But still very interesting. Please post an actual gameplay video (that's a big deal for me to be willing to try a new game that I've never heard of).
    06-28-2012 05:52 PM
  8. concsoft's Avatar
    Thanks for the feedback, jean15paul. As soon as we have an official gameplay trailer ready, we will be sure to post that as well.
    07-08-2012 07:23 PM