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    Presenting Bullet Babs from klutzGames, a free classic shoot’em up game with a tricky dual weapon mechanism and a little story.


    Bullet Babs is a simple but fun Shoot'Em Up where the player has to carefully switch between two weapons as the wrong weapon can have negative impacts for the player. Shooting an enemy may then result in duplicating him or provoke a counter bullet attack. The weapons are automatically upgraded over time. The player has to destroy 50 waves of enemy attacks. In the later waves things get pretty fast and hectic. The game can be played in an arcade or story mode.

    For more info, screen shots and download please visit:
    Bullet Babs - Game for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone
    Or Google Play:

    Bullet Babs is klutzGames’ second cross platform developed game. As a distinctive feature the games share the same source code among all platforms. This is possible by using Xamarin’s Mono libraries for iOS and Android and the open source library MonoGame. Mono is an open source implementation of Microsoft’s .Net platform and MonoGame implements Microsoft’s game framework XNA for Mono. klutzGames’ games Santa Melia and Bullet Babs are currently the only games available for all three platforms based on this technology.

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    03-19-2012 03:13 PM