1. Daniel James Corona's Avatar
    i was wondering what ever happended to the development of the DS emulator like NDS4Droid. we have the tech to make run it smoothly and everything so what happened? i have a galaxy nexus and it runs every other emulator smooth like butter. i would love to see yongzh or the guys who made FPSE to make the DS emulator. i don't know how to contact either of them so i figured you guys here at the forums may know something or anything. i would really love to play castlevaina DOD,POR, and OOE on my GN. i realize im only one person but how many of you feel the same? if you do feel the same then i suggest we start a petition because its been over a year now and no development on the DS emulator.

    would love to hear your thoughts.
    03-31-2012 08:33 PM