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    Hi- Guys~!
    I would like to introduce our new game Stylish Sprint to you.
    It is released on google play on Mar 30th!

    ★ Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...=SSGlobal.pack

    Do you know Stylish Sprint?
    The App Stores latest sensational game, now available on the Google play!
    Endless dash! Jump! Flying! The powerful action running game, Stylish Sprint!


    Stylish Sprint is an action running game that you control a stickman who travels around the world in order to find treasure.
    You will experience extremely delightful and gratifying actions, such as jump, run, fly, roll, and smash obstacles through unique and adventurous stages all the time.

    ★ Selected as Whats Hot/What Were Playing on the App Store! (USA, China, Canada, Australia)
    ★ Ranked #1 action genre on the App Store in Japan!
    ★ Ranked #1 entertainment category on the App Store in Korea!
    ★ Won the Korea mobile award 2011 for entertainment category!

    ◆ Features
    ▶ Play stylish actions on the unique and varied stages!
    - Amazon, China, Egypt desertthere are 11 outstanding and detailed graphics stages
    - Run and jump! Jump and beat!! Speedy running action!!
    - Go further, run longer, and break the best record!!

    ▶ Get boost items, costumes and extra characters to be stronger!!
    - There are varied necessary boost items which raise ability for improving record
    - Enjoy making your own character with gorgeous costume items!
    - Choose one between fat boy and girl character instead of hero!

    ▶ A variety of enjoyable characteristics and easy control
    - There are extra two mini games where stimulate your spirit for adventure
    - Challenge the crazy mode if you try to attempt to reach the highest goal!
    - Easy and intuitive control system! You need only two buttons!

    ★ Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...=SSGlobal.pack

    I hope you guys like our game!

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    04-04-2012 04:09 AM