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    so i have fpse and i have the app wiimotecontroller well before i used the wii classic controller to play fpse cause there is an option to assign buttons and it worked great well i just got a new game and now im trying to assign the buttons just like i used to and now it wont let me. the other game that i had already assigned the buttons to works fine but i cant assign buttons to new games. i dont know if this is a problem with the new update or what. i have a galaxy tab 8.9 and i also tried it on my galaxy nexus and both wont work. can anybody tell me is there something im not doing? heres exactly what i do i load up the .bin file then i click the menu button then go to setting, gamepad, assign HW buttons, assign Hw keys for pad 1 then i try up and hit any button on the wii controller and nothing and as i said the other games that are already assigned works fine so the wii controller is set up right
    04-12-2012 11:39 AM