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    Are you as good at mental math as you used to be? Do you think you are better than most other at math? Are you just learning math and need a way to practice?
    Then this is the app for you!

    Use this app once a day and you will be better at mental arithmetic than you've ever been.


    • Test your skills in addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Try how many questions you can answer in 1 minute.
    • Play the neverending mode: The game is never going to end. Unless you answer three questions incorrectly.
    • Practice the times tables.
    • Many different difficulty levels.
    • Compete in online leaderboards or against yourself.

    This is the ultimate app for both adults and kids wanting to practice their math skills.

    This game has many unique and innovative features that I felt other apps were missing. For example:

    The times tables. If someone only wants to practice multiplication with one number then this is great for them.

    The "Time Challenge", how many of the questions can you answer in 1 minute? This is great for training and also saw someone in the comments of a different game that wanted it.

    I also came up with a different mode which I called "The neverending game" where the flash cards will just keep on coming until you lose all your lives. I wanted to make something that was a bit funnier than just flash cards. So I came up with this game/mode where you'll start off with 3 lives. You have 10 seconds to answer each questions. If you fail to answer a question correctly within the time limit you will lose one life. If you answer it correctly you will get a new question and 10 new seconds. As you answer more questions the questions will slowly become harder and harder. I think this mode is perfect for people who are sick of the boring flash cards and want to challenge themselves.

    There are both local and online leaderboards available. Will you place first?

    I also have many more features planned which I will release as I complete them. I believe that this can be a great app for both kids and adults who wants to practice their mental math and get faster at it.

    04-15-2012 01:29 PM