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    Do you know people only use 10% as an average of their brain? Many would like to improve their skills. But who has time? What if there was a way to sharpen your brain in your busy life? Yeah, that would be awesome.

    Most people dream to consider on improving their brain skills. Are you one of them? Well, No need to search anywhere anymore. With Invincible Genius your dream will be a reality.

    Invincible Genius is a new brain testing challenge. Now you can increase your brain skills while doing your day-today tasks with Invincible Genius Android app.

    Invincible Genius has multiple games to make you keep indulged.

    Time Tracker

    You are shown two clocks, you must find the difference between them and select the correct answer out of given three answers. Whats the catch you have 60 seconds to think and select the correct answer. Ready to crunch some numbers?

    Number Hunter

    Goal of the Number Hunter game is to, find the two numbers which adds up to the number in the red circle; eliminate the remaining number. In this challenge you are given 60 seconds to spin your brain.

    Invincible Genius (Beta) is a totally free Android application and it available on Google Play Store.

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    04-19-2012 05:19 AM
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    Hi all,

    It is very happy to inform you that "Invincible Genius" is now compatible with all phones resolutions and screen sizes.

    And also it will perfectly compatible with android tabs.

    So download from market and play it for free.


    04-20-2012 05:13 AM