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    Third game from Nealo is now on the market

    This time it's a Tower Defense game which require some serious mazing skills in order to succeed (placing the right towers and upgrading when necessary can also be very helpful :P).
    Any feedback is more than welcome, I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

    Game Features:

    Currently 6 different towers that have 4 upgrades each (planning to implement more depending on feedback)

    4 Different Maps

    3 Different difficulties

    30 Unique waves of creeps

    Clean and futuristic graphics

    Awesome music and decent sound effects

    A good challenge and plenty of fun!

    Gameplay footage:

    Market Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...m.nealo.robotd

    QR Code:


    04-21-2012 07:37 PM
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    Done some well needed updating


    - Fixed towers priority system, they should target creeps smarter now

    - Added pause and fastforward(2x speed) buttons

    - Added Bosses every 10th level. They have plenty of hp so you'll have to plan your mazing in order to defeat them!

    - Made the camera start where the creeps spawn instead of just at the center of the map


    - Animated bosses

    - Made a tower description page that can be accessed from the menu
    05-17-2012 10:26 AM