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    Gameplay is rather simple, the only thing you must do that use your finger to sweep on the screen to make the Dragon move and eat some feed in the bubble fly from the bottom of the screen, if you sweep many time, the Dragon will move faster, but be careful, if you move the Dragon with high speed and make him collide with the wall, the Dragon will confuse and you cant control him in the short time. Your goal is eat the feed on the screen as much as possible to fill dragons energy, later, the speed of the bubble will increase, it will make difficult for you when control the Dragon to eat feed. If the Dragons energy is empty, its mean you fail.

    You can eat almost the feed in the bubble except fishbone. If the Dragon accidentally eat fishbone, he will choke in the short time and you cant control him, in in that time, he cant eat anything too.

    There are some item can help you to protect Dragons energy like Shield, Slow Speed or Freeze, you can find out them in the game.

    There are three mode in Feed the Dragon:
    + Easy Mode: you only need to avoid fishbone and eat feed as much as you can. Theres nothing you must afraid.
    + Normal Mode: theres one more thing will hurt you that is the Wood fly from the Left or the Right to attack you. If you collide with them, you will confuse in the short time.
    + Hard Mode: Except fishbone and Wood, there are two more thing can hurt you is the Stone and Bomb, bomb is special, if you collide with bomb, the energy of the dragon will decrease so much, so, becareful.


    Link: Feed the Dragon

    05-02-2012 02:10 PM
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    Nice but really brings nothing new to the table. Thanks for the heads up though
    05-03-2012 12:19 AM
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    thanks ^_^
    05-09-2012 11:04 PM
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    Update version 1.0.5
    - Add Leader Board (integrated with scoreloop), so you can upload and compare your high score with your opponent or your friend
    07-01-2013 09:56 PM