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    Credit goes to nova7ny for their post that made me look into this game.

    I saw that Mark Cuban tweeted about a game developer that created a game called Insurrection 2035. I went to the site saw the video and now I am amped. I tweeted them and they replied that they are working on an Android version too. I encourage everyone to go to Insurrection from Paranoid Games and watch the video and sign up to show some support for what seems like a great game in concept. Supposedly its coming out July 4 for iPhone don't know android release date.
    Please help get this game to Android devices sooner by emailing them at this email address: info@paranoidgames.com

    You can also nag them about it on Twitter here: Paranoid Games (ParanoidGames) on Twitter

    You can find an explanation of the gameplay here on Youtube:
    06-10-2010 01:30 PM