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    Hi everyone,

    Let me present a set of 3 exiting games specially developed for kids. This can make happy every kid and promote to better manual dexterity, exercise their attention, mind and fingers.

    Balloooons Rush , Balloooons Rainbow and Balloooons Shapes bewitches child with the magic of flying balloons. Kids have to burst the balloons with fingerand not to let it go into the sky. They have too burst all the balloons or according to the hint color or shape. Children should always be careful - the shape and is being changed from time to time as well as the balloons fly speed. Flying birds and sudden bursts of wind introduce a bit of surprise and won't let thme fall asleep. And, of course, the prize puppies or kitties are waiting!

    Balloooons Rush
    Burst all the balloons and not to let them go into the sky

    Balloooons Rainbow
    Burst all the balloons according to the hint color.

    Ballooons Shapes
    Burst all the balloons according to the hint shape.

    Your child will be fascinated and carried away by the game for a long time, giving you time to quietly watch the match and drink a beer!


    05-06-2012 12:51 PM