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    [HL][Game][Free]"Break the Ice - Snow World"[/HL]


    Break the Ice - Snow world
    'Break The Ice' is a tile-matching puzzle game.
    The objective of this game is to move one ice to blank space or swap with adjacent other ice to form a horizontal or vertical chain of three or more ices.

    'Break The Ice' have interesting regions.
    You can enjoy various levels in each region.

    ❏ Regions
    ∙ Alps
    ∙ Himalayas
    ∙ Alaska
    ∙ Arctic
    ∙ Antarctic

    ❏ Rules
    ∙ You can break ices if you arrange ices.
    ∙ You can't clear level if you passed all turns(finger icon).

    ❏ Stars
    ∙ You can get stars on each level.
    ∙ You will get stars depending on your unused turns. If your remaining turn is
    - more than two. : ★★★
    - one. : ★★
    - zero. : ★

    ❏ Hints
    ∙ You can get 5 hints when begin a game.
    ∙ Use hint touching hint menu(icon of bulb) on top screen.
    ∙ 'Use Hint' is activated on a level icon if you use a hint on level.
    ∙ If you wish to remove information of 'Use Hint', please follow the steps below.
    - Level → Top → Hint → Delete Hint
    ∙ However, if you remove 'Use Hint', you can't recover. Please be careful.

    ❏ In-App Purchase
    ∙ You can buy hints on the hint menu.
    ∙ Hint purchased is not refundable, so please careful.
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