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    So very silly. Love Poem Generator writes love poems. You can email your newly created masterpieces to your partner (or yourself to edit or just to laugh at). It ranges from nonsense to some of the most gorgeous English you could come across.

    It can use "rude words" where it tries (and fails) to use mature words such as bosoms, flopped and loins. You can input your partner's name and gender. You can also input as many of your own words as you like (I recommend using sausages, there's really nothing quite like bringing up sausages in the middle of a love poem!).

    From the utterly profound:
    We ran in the endless moonlight of distant stars.

    To the complete nonsense:
    I kiss you nearly, near my impassioned eyes.

    And sometimes just plain wrong:
    I will beat you lovingly.

    (it figured if it's nice to say my heart beats only for you, surely it's also nice to say I will beat you lovingly).

    It doesn't simply swap words in a predefined poem like countless other poetry generators. It actually creates the entire poem from scratch including the title, the sentence structures and the structure of the poem itself. This doesn't always lead to good poetry or even poetry that makes sense but it's always entertaining!

    It has a "medium" maturity rating on the android market due to some mature (not explicit though) words. So be sure to enable filtering to medium maturity if you're searching on the Google market.
    05-10-2012 04:32 PM