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    Bomb the Wumpus is a labyrinth game in which the aim is to find and kill the Wumpus (a horrible beast) through a hidden map, with rooms and corridors.

    Inspired to the classical logical game 'Hunt the Wumpus', our hero disposes of a unique bomb: if the hero launches the bomb in the wrong room, the Wumpus will hear him and immediately reach and kill him. Somewhere in the map there could be one or more deep black holes: be careful!

    You can play a wide variety of levels: choose between three different difficulty levels:

    - Easy
    - Normal
    - Hard

    and also between three different labyrinth sizes:

    - Small
    - Medium
    - Large

    Try all the possible combinations and challenge your friends and yourself! Bomb the Wumpus!

    Good luck!

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    05-16-2012 03:22 AM