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    Genre: Puzzle
    Developer: Jvanjo Apps
    Requirements: Android V2.2 and up, Touchscreen
    Price: FREE

    Market Link: Get now!

    Turn it off is a puzzle game based on the famous Lights Out where you have to use logic and patience to win.

    Each time you touch one of the images this and the next ones (up, down, left and right) will change! A very entertaining game to spare the time!

    Turn it off has three game modes:

    - Normal mode: You have no limit of moves to turn off all the lights. What will be your best move record?

    - Limit Mode: A mode for the most courageous, challenging. Each puzzle has a limit of moves, can you make the best?

    - Time Mode: Like normal mode, there is no limit but there is time. Can you do your best move record in the best time?

    This free version includes:

    - Tutorial with a brief explanation and tips to make it a little easier.
    - 25 levels from the easy ones to the hard levels, the first ones need only a few clicks but the last ones needs more. Can you finish all levels?
    - Normal Mode, you can make as many moves as you need to practice.
    - An exclusive theme where you must turn off all the fires in the building. Save the people!
    - How many clicks you needed the last time you finish each level? Save your best move record and try to beat it!
    - Easy to play but hard to master, can you turn off all lights at the minimum of moves?

    Play now and turn it off!

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    05-16-2012 05:36 PM