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    So threres Morkia!

    Its hard to be the only cleaner fish in the most dangerous aquarium in the world on NO_WHERE....
    Especially now!The XU-7983 a new kind of component in the fish food make them more aggressive!
    Help Morkia to clean the mess and bring back the (relatively) peace

    - 30+ levels
    - 4 types of monsters with various level of difficulty
    - 5 types of power-up
    - commit you score on scoreloop and challenge the other players

    The application ask for:

    - INTERNET_ACCESS : for ads and scoreloop
    - WAKE_LOCK : to avoid that phone go in sleep while play
    -READ_CONTACTS: scoreloop need this permissiono for confront your score with your friends
    -READ_PHONE_STATE:scoreloop(again)for avoid to post twice your score instead of update the latest.

    link to google play:


    link to youtube


    please send me a mail at delirium.tremens83@gmail.com
    05-21-2012 04:44 PM