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    Dear community friends,

    Following the release of Jett Tailfin Racers last April, we are proud to announce our newest
    Unity mobile game: SkyRise Runner!

    SkyRise is a dash platform game in which you run through a forest in the sky. You guide Ciellu, a nature spirit that protects the forest from its enemies using magic spells. To protect the tree tops you can change and morph into a giant eagle.

    Besides that, you can also exchange crystals for powerful amulets that can give you special abilities.

    SkyRise Runner is already available for free download on Google Play in the link below:


    To know more about the game and follow our future releases, be sure to follow us at:

    Ilusis Interactive Graphics
    Ilusis Interactive (@Ilusis) on Twitter

    Thank you!
    05-24-2012 07:10 AM