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    We present a new efficient simulator memory - concentration. Catching a few times a day you can improve your memory and attention. That's one of the comments written on google.play:
    "Martin Stendahl – Advantageous. I have a braindamage and therefore some problems with short memory seeing the bigger perspective. This app may help improve, not it all, but some of the lost sides after my illness. Training, training, training!!!".
    We are pleased that our application can someone help. Game rules are very simple, you need to find all the numbers from 10 to 25, alternating black and red. Training reports are stored in the database. Based on these results, draw a diagram of the progress. Your best result is stored on the server: http://swarmconnect.com. Compare your results with results from other users.
    Good luck!
    download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d....concentration

    05-27-2012 06:07 AM