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    Who wants to help me make my game better? If anybody have suggestions about the game criticism is ok also. It is about the game Word Game/Word Juggler.

    A few months ago I launched this simple puzzle game: Word Game / Word Juggler. You have to slide mixed letters in the right order and make a valid word. It is available with English and Dutch words.

    At the start of the game a set of letters is shown. Make a valid word of these mixed letters. Slide the letters with you fingers in the right order to make a valid word. The faster you find the word, the higher the score. Get a bonus with sliding the letter as less as possible.
    The better you play, the longer the words get.
    You need to find the word within 60 seconds else the game will end. Word Game is an addictive educational fun game.
    Find it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...ordjugglerfree

    There is also a Word Game / Word Juggler Plus version. No Ads, More words to slide.
    06-07-2012 05:48 AM