1. nirhart's Avatar
    Brain Squares v2.x is out!

    "Brain Squares - I like it so much! Rock-n-roll my brain!"
    "Addicted to this game. My brain hurts and I love every minute. It's like a paraplegic chess game from hell. Elegant in its simplicity"
    "Brain Squares Love it. Got 15 levels with a lot of thinking."

    With an extensive increasing number of downloads and lots of great reviews, Brain Squares has got the "Best App Award"!

    Brain Squares is an addictive puzzle game, which will give you hours of fun and an exciting intellectual challenge.

    In this game you need to imitate the figure shown at the bottom of the screen by drawing a vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines of squares. When a two lines are overlapping, the common square gets blank again.

    It's free, and it's for you ! - ENJOY -
    06-10-2012 05:24 AM
  2. theandroid's Avatar
    I've got to say that I am impressed.
    06-14-2012 01:29 PM