1. Basis's Avatar
    Seriously, is it just me or has there been a whole lack of new 3D titles for Android this entire month? I mean, last month, we got a whole batch of great 3D games like HeavyGunner and all those Gameloft games. But this month, there haven't been any. And wasn't Need for Speed Shift supposed to come out when the Evo came out? I don't see that anywhere; not in the market and not on the EA site. I was guessing there was going to be a lot more 3D games after Gameloft stepped in but I guess I was wrong.

    On a side note, does anyone know whether there are rumors/confirmations of scheduled 3D games for Android? I mean like the high quality ones, not the corny ones.
    06-15-2010 09:15 PM
  2. Brett's Avatar
    please do not bump a thread like that. i actually think there was a similar thread discussing this already. wait till froyo is official and is the standard on all android handsets because that is when the bigger better games will probably be released. 3d games are big files and many phones don't have a huge amount of internal memory. once we can store games on our SD card then that wont be much of a problem anymore. patience young grasshopper
    06-16-2010 08:50 PM