1. Soupe au caillou's Avatar

    Hi over here, we're glad to introduce you our first android application : the so called (or not ) heriswap !
    It's a free game obviously, and ads are really really short and killable easily, because we don't like games where ads are covering half of the screen !

    Discover this classic addictive but stressless puzzle game.
    Core gameplay is a classic one (match 3 elements to score points), the novelty is in the form : soft and peaceful.
    2 difficulty levels makes it suitable for the whole family - children included.

    * available in English, French
    * slick graphics and musics
    * online leaderboards to compete with your friends (OpenFeint)
    * 20 achievements to unlock
    * game can be paused/resumed anytime, to accomodate mobile usage
    * in-game help
    * a cute little hedgehog !

    We'll really appreciate it if you give us your feedback, because it's a first game and we need that !
    We hope you'll enjoy it,
    Cheers !
    06-14-2012 05:31 PM
  2. Soupe au caillou's Avatar

    We made a huge update today with a new gamemode and a new difficulty!
    The game is no more in beta, we can say it's our first released game .

    Please contact us for any feedbacks, it's always worthing!

    Bye, see you soon
    10-31-2012 11:46 AM