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    So, my friends (and I, in a roundabout way; ask me the story and I'll spill) are working on a game, and YES it's gonna come out a little bit in advance for iOS but I'm an Android fan so I wouldn't be here if it wasn't coming out for us as well.

    The game is called Bumpin' Uglies and it's kind of a gravity/puzzle/platformer with a lot of built-in comedy. A reviewer over at Mashable has given it a glowing preview, and describes it better than I am doing: Ingenious iOS Game Aims for Success on Kickstarter

    This is what a sample Ugly looks like, before you might start tweaking it...

    The team behind this has been working days-nights-weekends for just about a year now; they've really been putting their all into it, so check them out, please-and-thanks! They've got a Kickstarter project going, hoping that the last stretch of development can be funded:

    Thanks! --Winkyboy out.
    06-16-2012 08:50 AM