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    Game: Rocket Weasel
    Kind of game: Puzzle game
    Creators/Developed by: Freeze Tag Games
    File size: 34 M
    Price: .99 Amazon App Store

    Weasel school isn't just fun and games; it's the training ground for future expert chicken hunters. It's where weasels enter as little weasels and leave as warrior weasels. And they must learn from no other weasel than the Dojo of all weasels--Mr. Weasel, himself. But, as young weasels do, this bunch got into a little trouble in the hen house. Prepare to incite some serious rodent wreckage in this physics-based puzzler for the whole family.

    It Ain't Easy Weaselin'
    Mr. Weasel was guiding his students on a midnight coop raid, Operation Chicken Dinner, when things went horribly wrong. The crotchety old farmer was waiting with cages and treacherous traps. Now these amateurs are all locked up--with the exception of their sly mentor.

    Operation Chicken Dinner
    Playing as Mr. Weasel, you must harness your inner-rodent to outsmart the ruthless farmer and free your little weasels from their confines. As you may have expected, Mr. Weasel doesn't mess around. Strap on a rocket and put chicken back on the menu. Smash crates, blow stuff up, and eat as many chickens as possible for more points while you free the other weasels.

    A Helping Hoof
    While the farm is in a frenzy, other animals try to help Mr. Weasel free the little critters. All 64 levels are full of colorful characters and spectacular graphics. Farm animals unite! (Except the chickens. No one cares about the chickens unless they're served with a side of mashed potatoes.)


    http://www.amazon.com/Freeze-Tag-Inc-Rocket-Weasel/dp/B0073XT3GY?t=androidcentral00-20&tag=androidcentral00-20&ascsubtag=UUacUvbUpU1917593 ?tag=androidcentral00-20]Rocket Weasel[/url]


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