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    Hi! I'm new to the forum. The reason why I came to this site was to make you know my new app, PuzzWords.

    I'm new in the world of mobile app development, but I've been fighting hard for 3 months to develop this app.

    Its name is PuzzWords, and its function is to find the words you need with previous indiactions of the user; begins with, ends with, contains, not containe, and the version plus (by 1 euro) allows you put the letter contained in a particular position (there's a check box to indicate if the count is from the begging to the end or viceversa).

    This app has its own keyboard and a translucent part to see the letters which you play.

    The app slides up and down in order to see the panel with no problems.

    It has pop-up notification area in ongoing for quick access.

    The search is in offline status, only will consume data during the download of the app and you will need wifi for download the language only the first time.

    I know the project it's still young and I have to improve some things like the quality of database, however it's quite powerful.

    I would like you prove it and tell me the things I must improve.

    It's available for 2.2 and higher.

    It is intended for people that plays to AngryWords or Scrabble.

    I need downloads in order to achieve the app becomes famous, that's the reason why I decided to post on forums.

    I want to thank the people who download the app and also thank the people who read the post.
    07-07-2012 04:37 PM