1. ickyalyx's Avatar
    Hi all,

    This is my second app, I was fueled for making it by all the positive feedback on the previous app (Mr. Fox and Mr. Rabbit).

    A little animated, interactive story book, for children, will hopefully bring many smiles to you and your little ones

    You can get it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...=air.ickyMrFox

    Please do leave a review if you can, it means a lot to us at ICKYPEN (the two man band that is me and my brother)

    And here's a little preview I made :P
    07-12-2012 07:46 PM
  2. ickyalyx's Avatar
    I hope some of you have tried it and liked it! Please do leave a comment, would be awesome to hear feedback
    07-13-2012 12:23 PM