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    Hi everyone!
    Allow me to introduce my very first game Range Racer.

    Range Racer is an arcade racing game with its own character. As the player you have to maneuver a car through a busy road by simple lane changes. The special thing about it is that you are not driving any normal car, but an electric vehicle. And, as commonly known, the weakest part of an electric vehicle is its battery. This is also the thing that makes life difficult inside this game. While you fight your way around other traffic participants the car battery level is falling quickly. To proceed you have to load up the battery continuously by collecting energy items from the street. Your goal is to cover as many miles as possible.

    To keep the player excited, Range Racer offers various elements. There are sections within the game where you are forced to deal with special situations, such as short distance races. You can unlock additional environments by covering a certain number of total miles. You can upgrade your car to achieve better results. You can compete with your friends on facebook and the rest of the world thanks to a global leaderboard and a fully integrated facebook leaderboard.

    Range Racer is free to play and can be found on Google Play. Just follow this link:
    Range Racer | Google Play

    I'm excited about your feedback!

    Thanks a lot and Happy Range Racing!

    PS: If someone is interested about further development of the game, please follow it on facebook. That's the link:
    Range Racer | Facebook
    07-14-2012 02:00 PM