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    Ok.do I have done hours of Web searching, to no result. I have emailed EA games....and after a dozen emails, I'm still unable to get a real live person to actually respond, just the same stupid automated response on how to look in their faq sections for the answer....well guess what EA.....there isn't an answer there. :-( ...
    So, if anyone has gotten past the second teir, second track, which is the London time trial....
    I have every car, with every mod, with the most nitrous oxide available...and I'm getting the first lap as a win...I'm hitting track time of 1:16.71...many seconds faster than required...I'm hitting first in pole position, and it's saying I have won first place, and won ten grand every tome now for about 15 times...it will not unlock the next track for me...I'm thinking that it's a glitch in the game...has anyone breast this track? How do you do it? Am I not doing something right? I know how to hex edit the files to get the 8,000,000$, and though that may have been why so reinstalled, no hack, and still no go...had anyone hex edited the files to just unlock the tracks and cars? Please help if you know how to hex edit it...how do I do it?I don't care about the game play,I don't care if it's cheating...I find no fun in working for theed cars...I just want to race the tracks and have all the vars and buy them ask just to basically have free driving capabilities..help please :-)!!

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    07-14-2012 11:50 PM
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    Update:...I realized that not only just beating the specific track requirements, it also requires that you collect a certain number of stars for different skills, weather you win first or not on previous tracks. Like keeping best lines or clean race stars. I guess I didn't red close enough to notice it requires more than just winning first place. I finally won the next track...which is even harder.lol

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    07-17-2012 04:28 PM