1. mintet154's Avatar
    The first time, classic Contra Game is shown on the Android market. Lets download and play game to have great time and remember your childhood!
    With well-design, lively sound, Im sure that youll be interested in it!
    Some images:

    Link to download:
    ClassicContra.apk (3MB mediafire )
    07-18-2012 02:56 AM
  2. jean15paul's Avatar
    whoa ... classic contra for free at the play store?!?!?! WANT!

    But does the contra code work?

    edti: ok, I take it back ... this port is pretty terrible, and in another language
    07-18-2012 12:21 PM
  3. mintet154's Avatar
    Hey guys,
    I have a Android Game Collection, and I'd like to share for you. You can add apps for your android mobile and relax everytime everywhere!
    I have Dragonball game, Clash of Titans game, Mario game and golden miner game. Download and play to have a great time!
    Game Dragonball

    Link: DragonBall2.apk

    Game Clash of Titans

    Link: CCNVT2.apk

    Game Mario

    Link: Mario.apk

    Game Golden Miner

    Link: GoldMinerLetang.apk
    08-12-2012 10:59 AM
  4. jean15paul's Avatar
    This looks very safe and reputable.
    08-13-2012 01:29 PM
  5. amberOK's Avatar
    hahaha i like classic games
    08-16-2012 02:22 AM
  6. mintet154's Avatar
    Hi all,
    Android Apps are various and interesting, specially games. I have a collection about android game, and i'd like share for you.
    Now, game Petcity is funny. You'll bring up a pet. You can feed it, you can care it and your pet can knock out other pets, so on!
    I have played, and I feel so happy! You try it?
    Some images:

    Link download game:
    08-31-2012 08:57 PM