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    Slide and Live

    Slide to the green or yellow bricks by tilting your device.
    But watch out for the traps on the others!

    Seven bricks can be found.

    - The blue causes the ball to bounce.
    - The purple produces greater bounce.

    - The black restarts the current level.
    Except for the black ball.

    - The brown is a breakable brick for all balls.
    - The pink is a breakable brick only for the pink ball.

    - The green gives access to the next level.
    - Yellows gives access to the next level,
    if all of them were destroyed.

    Shotscreens of the previous version.

    Available icons in game, from the left to right.

    - the first allows you to relaunch the calibration step.
    - The second allows you to reset the current level.
    - The third allows you to back to root menu.
    - The next is used to change the ball property.

    Tilt the device toward the direction you want to move the ball.

    Previous version in video

    Available for free in google play https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...v.mcidclan.sal

    07-19-2012 01:53 AM