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    Brand New Tower Defense Game Kill Devils Released
    The first fantastic tower defense game Kill Devils developed by Sun Ground has been officially released today. It continues the legend of Age of Seventh Dragon, the traditional war tactics game developed by Sun Ground, and chronicles the first chapter of the legend. Players will get to experience plenty of levels, gorgeous game graphics and the unique in-game attacking modes.

    Gorgeous Graphics and Thrilling Storyline of Defending Your Home
    In a fantastic world of wonder, players have to lead 6 races and battle against demons invading from the darkness. Once players enter the game, they will be able to enjoy the fun brought about by the epic storyline, gorgeous battle scenes, flashy magic skills and the unexpected bosses of mystery. Thrilling home defense battles will be available soon.

    Simple Taps to Enjoy Exciting Battles
    The game operation in Kill Devils only requires players to tap on their screen. Sun Ground designed 7 scenes and 210 levels for Kill Devils. When rounds of demons arrive, players just need to tap on monsters for their magic towers to start attacking monsters. Drag a skill on the battlefield to cast it. The smooth battles, flashy skill effects and exciting background music will immerse you right in the fun and passion of battles.

    Enjoy A Variety of Systems in a Unique Tower Defense Game
    Different from most ordinary tower defense games, Kill Devils requires players to manually control their magic towers to slay those invading demons. In addition, Kill Devils allows players to learn various magic skills from Fire, Ice and Wind. They can upgrade their skills to deal more damage to monsters. Once players meet the requirements, they can unlock more and more powerful magic towers. The special skill Summoned Dragon in game is very amazing. This full-screen attack skill will be automatically activated when its cooldown time ends. Even newbie players can activate the skill to experience the most awesome battles.

    When you see the bright mottled sunshine on battlefields and 6 races cities, the legend of heroes on this fantastic land will be unveiled! Enjoy the summer with Kill Devils, the brand new tower defense game! Hurry up to download it and etch your own legend in fantasy history.

    You can download the game by clicking the link below:

    07-20-2012 01:23 AM