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    Hey guys i have recently finished my first ever mobile app for android! I am a very dedicated developer and i would love to hear your guy's feedback and I would love to implement and features you request! I have actually just recently updated it and doubled the amount of levels!

    Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...bWFuLmxpdGUiXQ..

    1)10 pre-created levels for competition with friend on an even playing ground!
    2) Option for a randomly generated level for variety and practice!
    3) Sorted highscores by levels, and top overall!
    4) Power-Ups for increased multiplier and short-term invincibility!
    5) More at your request!
    6) A young committed developer working his hardest!

    I hope you guys enjoy the game and I would love some feedback! Please don't go too hard on me though i'm a highschool student who started programming only 5 months ago
    A nice rating and/or review would be greatly appreciated:0

    Thanks everyone!
    07-22-2012 01:33 AM