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    I am looking for an android strategy game, Like age of empires, or starcraft. Build a city, battle people, be god, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions?
    07-24-2012 10:15 AM
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    101 People looked at it with no answers? Looks like I just found a niche market.
    08-03-2012 10:05 AM
  3. youngville718's Avatar
    Your not the only one lol

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    08-06-2012 04:15 AM
  4. Sunrider133's Avatar
    There is a lot of straategy games on android market. Why you flood this forum?
    08-06-2012 05:25 AM
  5. Mastaking's Avatar
    Pocket God, Tiny Tower both fit what you are looking for.

    Triple Town is a short term strategy game that has a lot of replay ability in my opinion of course.

    I personally like tower defense games. Some good ones are Bubble Defense 2, Robo Defense, Grave Defense, Fieldrunners. I also like Defender and Defender 2, they are defense games but you are the defender instead of placing the defenders.

    I will try to think of others I have enjoyed.
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    08-07-2012 09:01 AM