1. Gamma Games's Avatar
    Hello, Gamma games today presents this amazing game that is already uploaded to the Android Market, try it, it really is great fun and would help us to improve step.
    Download CUT THE BUGS! For android.
    Protect the snacks from the massive attacks of hungry bugs. Slice your finger on the screen to kill them, but be very careful cause they are smart, fast and very angry!
    Unlock every world level, discover the different combos you can achieve and get the highest score you can!
    Cut the Bugs is a highly addictive game with incredible graphics, sounds and playability. You should definitely try it!
    Please, if the thread is not here, move it wherever you go. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Community is grateful to the diffusion, the discharge, the votes and the good vibes.

    07-29-2012 07:24 PM