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    Word Hex is a dynamic, addictive word puzzle game.


    The premise is simple and fun - mark as many words as possible by sliding your finger over adjacent hexagonal tiles with letters that have been generated semi-randomly. The longer the words are - the more points you get. The intuitive, one-hand gameplay makes it and ideal coffee - break app. Diverse game modes allow a quick as well as a more relaxed game.

    We have found this game highly captivating - actually even addictive. It has this valuable "ok, just one more time..." effect. It's perfect to reset your brain anytime, anyplace - what you need is just 3 minutes of spare time and one free hand. So - yes, it's a game in general but it's also a perfect time killer - and apparently it works for both word games lovers and people who never played such games.


    * Free
    * Word Puzzle genre with some arcade mechanics
    * Two modes - Arcade and Relax
    * Records: daily, weekly, all-time
    * Hints - Hexie the Witch keeps looking for words as you play and can mark them for you
    * In-app purchases: Word Hex Pro upgrade and Golden Hexes packages


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    Word Hex is also available for iOS platforms:
    App Store - Word Hex

    Have Fun!
    Very Nice Studio Team
    08-09-2012 08:18 AM