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    Hello there,

    We are a new indie game developer and we have just released our very first game, Chickens Soccer on Android devices.

    Its a colorful and dynamic game where chickens face each other in a soccer game to get all the chicks. Beside the tournament and the championship modes where you can win different cups; there are also sumo fight style and NBA hoop shoot contests style challenges.

    Our goal is to continuously improve our games after their releases using your feedback. Since its release two weeks ago, Chickens Soccer has been updated 3 times based on players comments (new balls, new soccer field, give spins to the ball etc).

    Here is our gameplay trailer

    The game is available here

    Thanks and have fun,
    08-09-2012 03:11 PM
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    Happy New Year Friends,

    After my first post, Chickens Soccer has been updated with the following improvements :

    - We've added a new competitive mode where you need to focus on the number of moves and your time.
    - We've improved interface designs & ergonomics.
    - You can now add effect to a shot by side kicking the ball.
    - We've added new football pitches.
    - We've added 3 new balls, from the classic one to the Euro 2012 ball.
    - Kick off positions are now more varied.
    - We've added new shoot challenges.
    - Weve improved the time attack system.
    - The Rain has been optimized.
    - Plus many small fixes

    V1.05 dedicated to backers of our crowdfunding project:
    - 15 new unlockable chickens
    - An improved reward system (you earn worms at each match and more for significant successes)
    - The last challenge bug is fixed

    - New menu with a new system of scroll.

    The new game trailer could be viewed here:

    Get Indie ^^
    01-09-2013 04:56 PM
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    Hello mates,

    You can test our game Chickens Soccer now for free with the lite version here

    Be Happy, Be Indie ^^
    02-03-2013 04:42 PM