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    After starting to learn programming about six months ago I became interested in developing a game and some free time now during the summer resulted in just that. It's exclusive for Android and there is a paid and a free version available. Please check them out and give some constructive feedback


    Game description:

    Take on the role of a Ball in a 3D world of platforming and adventure. Travel through sky and space collecting coins and unlocking balls as you progress.

    With inspiration from great games such as Marble Madness, Ballance and Super Monkey Ball, Roll a Ball was created exclusively for android with cutting edge 3D graphics engine Unity.

    With a focus on control and skill you will have the option of either choosing to control your ball with a joystick or by tilting your device with a custom made calibration system.

    With an ever progressing difficulty you will always stay challenged in the world of Roll a Ball.

    Can you complete all of the completely unique 36 levels?
    Can you unlock every ball?
    The Adventure awaits.

    Game Features:
    ● Optimized 3D Graphics
    ● Several control options (Includes Joystick Controls and Tilt Controls with a Calibration System)
    ● 10 Unlockable Playable Balls
    ● Cutting edge graphics engine brings your marble and the game world to life
    ● Guide your ball through 36 completely unique levels filled with all kinds of obstacles.
    ● Two distinct themes of worlds, the sky and space


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    08-11-2012 11:57 AM