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    Monsters VS Humans is a popular free battle game.

    Monsters VS Humans is free to play.

    You will control monsters such as Vampire, Frankenstein, and Wolfman to defeat all humans.
    However, the humans will fight back with special skills and will attack your monsters.
    Collect GEMs to power up your monsters and destroy all the humans!

    Monsters VS Humans is free to play.

    ・Monster's Skill
    Vampire : Kills humans and turns the human into a vampire.
    Mummy : Stops a human from moving.
    Frankenstein : Attacks by earthquake or electric shock.
    Werewolf : Attacks while spinning.
    Fairy : Revives dead monsters.

    ・Human's Skill
    Civilian : Civilian will run away when a monster approaches. Civilians do not attack.
    Bazooka Solider : Attacks from long range. However, it cannot attack monsters that are close.
    Flamethrower : Attacks from mid-range. Once it starts attacking, it cannot change direction
    Exorcist : Purifies and changes the monster into a human. It also stops monsters from reviving.
    Magician : Magician confuses the Vampire and Fairy to make them fight each other.
    Hero : Very powerful and can blow away a monster out from the field. However, the Vampire cannot be blown away.

    Monsters VS Humans is free to play.

    ・Victory conditions
    When you defeat all humans.

    ・Defeat conditions
    When you use up all your monsters without defeating all the humans.

    ・Upgrade Monsters
    You will receive GEMs by defeating the humans. Use the GEMs to upgrade your monsters.

    ・Strategic gameplay
    Place your monsters in the best place.

    Monsters VS Humans is free to play.
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