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    Is there anything cuter than a little girl in love? Amy is a little red-haired girl trying to win Ricky’s heart and give him a kiss! In this side-scrolling jumping adventure your task is to help Amy pass through the park and arrive in time for her date with Ricky! If you succeed in helping Amy, they will have a long lasting love! Help Amy always arrive in time for her date with Ricky and their love will beat the summer heat, autumn rain, winter frost and spring allergies!

    Collect as many hearts as you can because the more hearts you manage to collect the bigger smooch Ricky will get!

    Each time you hit the Hater (grumpy rocks) it will slow you down and you’ll lose your precious hearts! Bit if you jump on top of them you’ll get a power-up (Super Speed, Super Jump, Bounce Back…)! There are six types of Haters:
    - Moody (Purple Hater)
    - Quarrel (Red Hater)
    - Cheater (Orange Hater)
    - Jealous (Yellow Hater)
    - Grouchy (Blue Hater)
    - Softy (Pink Hater)

    - Heart Chest- Jump on the chest to get bonus hearts!
    - Teddy Bears- Increases your score! You can collect three Teddy Bears in each level!


    One touch controls make playing Amy in Love extremely easy! Avoid Haters, jump over gaps and collect hearts and teddy bears with only one touch!

    Download this app @ https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...om.amy.in.love or try this game @ http://www.webelinx.com/amy-in-love/ (U'll need to download UNITY PLAYER)
    08-21-2012 02:43 AM