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    Hello community,

    We're a small group of mobile developers from Vietnam. Today we're very excited to introduce our new Android game to AndroidCentral members. It's called Snake & Orange. Basically it's a remake of the popular Snake game.

    Here's a short description of the game.

    Eat food (here, oranges), grow, and don't run to yourself!

    Snake & Orange is a remake of the classic Snake game made massively popular in the old Nokia phones.

    In Snake & Orange, your snake turns vegetarian, so it will eat oranges!

    And beside oranges, you will also discover other bonus items for your snake.

    Control your snake going through more than 10 levels and 5 difficulty modes of the game and set yourself a record in the game's leaderboard!

    You will find playing Snake & Orange no less addictive than playing old-school Snake like in '97!
    Here's Google Play entry of Snake & Orange

    Some screenshots of the game:

    And here's the game's on Youtube.

    Since this is one of our very first mobile games, there are sure a lot of things should be improved, so we would love to have your feedback for Snake & Orange!

    VM Mobile Team
    08-22-2012 11:53 AM