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    Street Pool game is the original mix of billiard and arkanoid games – completely new technology called ArkaPool. Simply touch the white ball, when the streetlamp is light on; drag the line with adjusting power and try to aim the other billiard's balls to put in "pockets" - holes of street duct! Move the white ball freely on the board. Remember to get some additional points by breaking glass bricks, and if you are very skillful, you need to destroy all of them on each level to achieve gold medals! Beware the outs of all billiard's balls and don’t worry about bigger objects...
    Near the out? Try to rescue the billiard balls by using (like a puzzle) unbreakable gold bricks. Earn Gold Bricks for every return to Street Pool game and every highscore, enjoy!
    Not enough power from dragging line? Use additionally slider to adjust precise power, and make more fun!
    Street Pool game is based on Box2D physic’s engine. You probably need to spend couple of days to get all of Gold Medals. First 20 levels require true billiard skill, patience and power to break on the next level...See ya soon and good luck!

    Street Pool contains third party's advertisements.

    Feature bullets:
    • 20 levels with a lot of glass bricks to break and 9 different kind of balls to strike!
    • 2 independent power controllers (line and slider) to have more fun!
    • 2 systems of achievements: Gold Medals and Gold Bricks (collectable and unbreakable)


    this is my first game ever, making in Lua (Gideros Mobile SDK). I'm still software developer in MQL4 / C++.
    08-28-2012 06:32 AM
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    1.33 has just released. What's new?

    - power's slider added (additional strike force control; even 6 times more power than in previous version)
    - bug from 1.32 update fixed

    09-05-2012 11:59 AM