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    Hello, my name's Juan Mejias, game designer at Nebula Entertainment. I'd like to introduce our brand new release, Track & Tricks, a very fun and very polished track & field-themed arcade game. So, without any more fuss:


    Gold, Glory, Bananas!

    NOW Available on Google Play for Android
    (and on App Store for iPod/iPhone/iPad)

    TRACK & TRICKS is a fun and addictive track & field game with HYPER-intuitive controls and SUPER-simple gameplay for iOS and Android phones and tablets...

    Don't forget to multiply your fun by challenging your friends!




    ★ Cutting-edge cartoon graphics in a full 3-D environment.
    ★ Social at heart. Challenge your friends and thrive with the credits you earn!
    ★ Intuitive control system easy for everybody
    ★ Rockets, Shields, Bananas! Upgradable power-ups designed for fun
    ★ Simple but deep gameplay
    ★ Engaging mission system
    ★ Choose from 5 characters and 24 nationalities from around the globe!
    ★ Fight for the Credits, the Medals and the Trophies!
    ★ Endless fun. You won't be able to quit!

    It's Summer 2012, and everyone's eyes are set on the stadium. Medals, records, overtight full-body suits, chubby bodies, short legs, bananas... Wait, what kind of stadium is this?

    Choose your character and country and get running in no time. And because not everybody has truckloads of time to waste training, we provide a wonderful set of power-ups that will make your life so much easier. Fair play is for those who can't afford the bananas!

    Challenge a friend at anytime or pick a random opponent through GameCenter and gain thousands of prized credits that you can invest in new avatars or power-ups to boost your act.

    TRACK & TRICKS, a game full of medals, trophies and glory. And bananas, did we mention the bananas?


    So, what do you think? We'd love to hear your opinion.
    08-29-2012 04:28 AM
  2. Nebula Entertainment's Avatar
    The graphics reminds me of Donkey Kong on my Super Nintendo!!
    I think maybe the game is for a younger audience, but nicely made
    Hello Angela,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Yes, they've told us before it looks like 3D Nintendo games, what with the mistery boxes and all. That's not a bad thing at all, if you ask me!

    And just like any Mario game, Track & Tricks is intended for all audiences, young and old. In my experience, young kids really enjoy it, but it's adults that actually get the most out of it, getting engaged mith missions and playing online with friends.
    08-29-2012 02:37 PM