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    Agrh! Karramba! Anchor in my throat, that's the good old Dice Poker! Win - the ship is your. Lose.. and rot on the sailyard! Be careful, dogface, there's no mommy for protect you!
    It's the first 3D poker dice on android!

    Play, enjoy, rate on Google Play!

    The goal is simple: throw the most powerful poker combination of five dice. Each player throws the dice, then he can leave the combinations, or try to build another. The winner - is one who have the best combination.
    The following combinations are (in descending order):
    1. Poker - five dice of one species
    2. Four of a kind - four bones of one species
    3. Full House - three bones of one species + two of a kind
    4. Straight - to five dice in a row (1-5, 2-6)
    5. Three of a kind - three bones of one species
    6. Two pairs - two bones of one species and the two bones of another species
    7. Two of a kind - two bones of one species
    8. The highest score - if nobody gets game combination, wins the player total whose score is higher.

    P.S. And write bug reports
    P.P.S. The game has small easter egg. Have fun in research
    P.P.P.S. It's first game by our studio. Your comments very important for us.

    Из России с любовью.
    09-02-2012 04:02 AM